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The team at Venture Lynk Capital and Advisory continues to be assembled based on the premise that subject matter experts and former industry leaders can be utilized by our clients in the most optimal and cost-effective manner to achieve the client’s business objectives. Our objective is to leverage our experience, skill sets, and tenacity to create meaningful and valuable client relationships in addition to successful and goal positive transactions.
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Brent Stokes
Brent Stokes
President & CEO

Brent Stokes began his career in financial services with Prudential Financial back in 1991 and then moved over to residential and commercial mortgage banking from 1996 to 2008 working at financial institutions such as Wells Fargo, Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase. After the mortgage meltdown, Brent joined MMREM Capital to conduct asset management and portfolio risk management on contracts with HUD, Fannie Mae, FDA, and Bank of America.  He has served as the Managing Director of a real estate data start-up in 2012 and then founded Venture Lynk Capital and Advisory in 2015. His vision for Venture Lynk is to leverage his and the teams’ experience, skill sets, and tenacity to create meaningful and valuable client relationships that lead to profitable and goal positive transactions.

Michael Guess
Michael Guess
Director of Operations

Michael Guess manages all top-down business, financial and cyber vendor risk analysis including identifying relevant key risk indicators and metrics. He has served as a Director of Operations at a FinTech start-up company and has held various roles such as managing vendors and supply chains, vendor contract management, large scale implantation, and product launch projects and supporting medium and large-scale business development teams. Michael has an MBA from UC Irvine.

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