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Venture Lynk provides total solution or a la carte services for a vendor management group of any size.  We offer Information Security, Cyber Security, and Financial Health Risk Assessments for new applicant and exiting vendors.  We also offer active cyber risk and financial risk monitoring.  Venture Lynk will deliver its work product and services within whatever vendor management platform a client is utilizing which means our clients don’t have to pay for software subscriptions or worry about another system implementation to start working with us.  Our clients can immediately start receiving and utilizing our work product to become more comprehensive and efficient at making vendor risk related decisions on third party and Nth party vendors.  

At Venture Lynk, our headline message to our clients is to trust but always verify because processing answers to vendor questionnaires is not a comprehensive approach to assessing and identifying risk. Our information and cyber security analyst are retired military intelligence and they review all of the information and cyber security policy documents to identify gaps, vulnerabilities, and inadequacies that a vendor questionnaire cannot uncover. Our team helps vendor management teams understand and prepare for audit and regulatory requirements so you can focus your resources on fully informed decision making and compliance.

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