Vendor Risk Management Specialists

Small Organizations

Is your team slammed with new vendor applications and existing vendor evaluations? Are you trying to prepare for upcoming audits while you manage your vendor portfolio? Let Venture Lynk’s highly experienced analysts jump in and help your team stay afloat. Venture Lynk can come in and quickly put your team in a proactive decision making position and pull you out of the 10 to 12 hour work day cycle.

Venture Lynk can provide a total solution or a la carte services for vendor management groups of any size. We offer, Information Security, Cyber Security, and Financial Health Risk Assessments for new applicant and exiting vendors. We also offer active cyber risk and financial risk monitoring. Venture Lynk will deliver its work product and services within whatever vendor management platform or database a client is utilizing which means our clients don’t have to pay for software subscriptions or worry about another system implementation to start working with us. Our clients can immediately start receiving and utilizing our work product to become more comprehensive and efficient at making vendor risk related decisions on 3rd, 4th, and 5th party vendors.

We Can Help Your Business

  • Reduce the time and effort it takes to evaluate a vendor
  • Use our information and cyber security experts that are retired military info sec and cyber experts
  • Strategize and prepare for upcoming regulatory changes related to vendor management
  • Manage communications with your vendors during the vendor application or vendor renewal period, or on demand
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63% of breaches originate from hacked 3rd parties 
"Data Risk in the Third-Party Ecosystem"
- Ponemon Institute, 2018

Our VRM Team

Michael Guess
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Michael Guess
Director of Operations
Sam Brown
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Sam Brown
Lead Analyst, Information Security, Cyber Security, Business Continuity and Impact Analysis, and Network/Systems Analysis
David Sober
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Austin Lim
Analyst, Contract Risk and Regulatory Compliance
David Sober
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Wendy Harris
Analyst, Vendor Procurement and Risk

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